Lunch for carting outing, April 18

April 16th, 2015 | Posted in News

Attached is the lunch/party menu, let Kevin know SATURDAY morning what you want and he will call it in before we head over for lunch. That way the food will be warm and the drinks will be cold.

Lunch April 18th


April 7th, 2015 | Posted in Event Reports

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when 34 BMCU members, from 2 states, with 22 cars met for a leisurely drive along the scenic west side of Utah Lake, to the quaint mining town of Eureka. This was the first outing for the 2015 driving season and an excellent turnout of LBCs. It was fantastic to see such support from the ladies on the tour. I hope that you will continue to come along.

We took lunch orders with the knowledge that when we arrived at our destination, our food would be ready. The excellent weather made “tops down” the order of the day. Along the route, before our “drain & gain” stop in Saratoga Springs, Murphy raised his head with my cell phone ringing. Jill took the call since I was busy piloting our Alpine. The wind noise prevented me from hearing exactly what was being said, but the gist of the call was that that the cook, in Eureka, was very sick and would not be working. The kind folks at the Fill-R-Up said that they would still try very hard to make everything right. Thankfully, the cruise participants took the news in stride, saying, “no problem, we drive British cars and know that stuff happens.”

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Around the Lake tour, April 11

April 2nd, 2015 | Posted in News

I plan to follow last years plan for the Around the Lake tour on April 11th. with perhaps starting a bit later than last year due to the good progress we made. So let’s start at 9:00 as it took less time than anticipated. All thoughts are welcome. I imagine weather to be fine at this point but will run the route a day or two prior and check with Weber Co. but this winter snow was not an issue so the Divide should be clear and warm up top. I take this drive often just for grins as I live in Ogden and if you are joining us for the first time you’ll see why. The plan for this year’s drive:

  • Start (leave) at Mojo Drive Thru Coffee, just south of 4th. S & 4th. W. in SLC at 9:00 am,
  • A-Fresh Market, 2nd. N & Main in Kaysville at 10:00 am,
  • Rainbow Gardens, mouth of Ogden Canyon at 11:00 am,
  • Down from the North Ogden Divide we’ll join Harrison Blvd once more and progress South to 42nd St. and EFS Corporate building and out back.

Lunch is new this year as Steiny’s now has a second location and a bit upscale near the McKay Dee Medical Center at the EFS and Flying J corporate building at 42nd and Harrison with ample parking off street at the main entrance. Over the creek and through the lobby, quite nice and you’ll agree I’m sure. I’ll see if John may have something in mind for us and I’ll keep you posted.

If you have been on prior OATLs you know this is not a race with the two little kinks along the way, Bountiful and Farmington but a gentle tour. Should someone wish to stop on top of the Divide there is parking there at the trail heads, just alert me early and I’ll pull in. Your choice. I have radios if someone but Drew and I would use them, I shall have them along as usual, walk- ie talkies and CB ch. TBD.

Cheeri-O Paul Jaroch

Eureka this Saturday (3/28)

March 24th, 2015 | Posted in News

OK, it’s time to get your LBC out of it’s Winter mothballs.  This Saturday, March 28, we are having our first driving event of the season.  We are taking a short cruise up to the small mining town of Eureka, UT.  The town sits at approximately 6200+/-  feet in altitude, so even though it may be warm in the valley, you may want a jacket when we stop for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, we have arranged for food to be ready for us, if you want, when we stop at the Filler-R-Up gas station and small convenience store in Eureka.  It is also the ONLYplace to get food, in town.  If you want to pack your own lunch, by all means do so.  The parking lot is paved and gas is available.

If you would like to have something from the store, here are your options:

Hogies:  Turkey or Ham.  They have lettuce, meat and cheese on them.  They are $3.00/each.

They also have a BBQ/smoker trailer with the following choices:

  • Cheeseburger – $5.00
  • Double cheeseburger – $7.00
  • Pulled pork – $6.00
  • Large order of fries – $5.00

There is a choice for a combo meal that will include: Cheeseburger, fries and a drink, but they didn’t have that price for us Monday.  It will, of course, be more than just the cost of the sandwich.

Check with us before we leave and we’ll call ahead so that they will have enough food ready for us.  They told us that the  BBQ trailer will have plenty of food ready when we arrive.  Count on a short wait for final prep.

There is one (1) small picnic table, so this will be BMCU tailgating at its finest.  A blanket might be a good thing to have in the boot.


Meeting at 11010 S. Redwood Rd. at 10:00am to head south on Redwood Rd. between 10:15 -10:30am.  We will head south on Redwood to the Chevron store on the NW corner in Saratoga Springs for a short “drain & gain”.  We will be joined there by those from northern Utah County.  (we should arrive there around 11am)

We will continue south on Redwood Rd, along the west side of Utah Lake.  One of the most scenic, relatively flat, drives in the State.  At the intersection of Redwood Rd and U S Hwy 6 in Elberta, we will be joined by members from southern Utah County and then turn to the west for the short climb up to Eureka.  I’m not certain if the neat museum will be open, but if it is, it’s a great compilation of the early history and mining activity in and around Eureka.

After lunch, you will have a choice of either continuing on west to just outside of town and then head north on highway 36 to Tooele and back to SLC.  Or, you can retrace the route back along Utah Lake.

We’ll see you Saturday for our Spring Fling to Eureka!

Update on Carting

March 21st, 2015 | Posted in News

We are officially full for the Karting and we have assigned 5 spots on the wait list, so if you haven’t been able to reserve a spot, please plan on coming out to hang and watch. I will send an email to those that are on the wait list.

The standby list will be started now by me. Stand by numbers will be assigned as follows;

  1. Checks received by mail with a post-mark of yesterday or earlier
  2. emails received by myself beginning immediately.

No deposit is required to get on the standby list. There are no guarantees but you stand a pretty good chance to get in if you act in the next 24 hours. If we get enough interest we might be able to add a second hour (if it is still available).

Also remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KART TO COME OUT. This will be an fun event for Karters non-Karters. There will be the drive in our old cars, a coned off corral at the track a simi-competitive karting event where you can cheer on your friends and fellow Brit loose nuts, a guided tour of the Miller Auto Museum and a group lunch at a location TBD.

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