Fall Color Tour, October 10

September 30th, 2015 | Posted in News

After driving 7 hours and 300 miles today, to check out locations and routes for the Fall Color Tour, Jill and I have determined that the best location for the tour is, in fact, Wolf Creek Pass.

It was a tough decision to make and made with great thought and consideration. The bottom line is this: the Fall colors in Northern Utah just are not nearly what they have been in the past. The Monte Cristo location was nearly barren of any Quaky leaves. The other leaves were muted colors. There just were not many trees with color.

The Wolf Creek Pass has many more trees and trees with leaves having color. Of course, there are 10 days until the Tour, so all of that can/may/will change. At this time, however, the Wolf Creek location is much more scenic.

FYI, we will now meet at our usual place at the Zoo at 9am for a 9:30am departure, up Emigration Canyon. The route will take us on a short stretch of I-80 to Exit 146 and the Sinclair station at Silver Creek Jct, to meet up with others and a Drain & Gain. The route will take US-40 to Exit 4, U-248, through scenic, Brown’s Canyon. At the “T” intersection with U-32, we will turn Right and travel through Peoa, Oakley, Kamas, and to Francis. At the stop sign in Francis, turn left (East) and continue on U-35 up to the Wolf Creek Summit (9480′) where parking will be off the road in a small area, with overflow on the shoulder of the road as we’ve done in the past.

Unfortunately, the gate to the larger parking area is already padlocked and not accessible to vehicles. As you’ll recall, it is just a short walk to the tables in this area.

After eating, members can continue east to Hanna and Tabiona, where they may turn around, retracing the route or turn right on U-208 and hook up with US-40 and back to Heber. Of course, retracing the route from the summit lunch area, will make for a shorter route, time wise.

Roger D

Hobble Creek run

September 26th, 2015 | Posted in Event Reports

What can be said, other than if you were not on the Hobble Creek Run and Scavenger Hunt, you missed a TOTALLY AWESOME event. It started with a large turn out at the meeting place, where to announce the Driver’s meeting, Jon Hermance and I entertained the assembled masses with a serenade from our brass horns. Then, Ritt explained the guidelines for the Scavenger Hunt and wished everyone good luck. BTW, we did take a detour through a church parking lot to see if we could find a van with stick figures on the back window. Wonder what the church goers thought, seeing our rendition of the British Invasion!

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Hobble Creek run, Sunday September 20

September 9th, 2015 | Posted in News

On Sunday, September 20th, we are going to have what I think is the FIRST Hobble Creek Canyon Run. Meet us at 9:30am in the Southeast parking lot of the South Towne Mall in Sandy

Where is Hobble Creek, you ask?  it is a pretty, smaller canyon that is between Mapleton and Springville, UT, just south of Provo.  If you are a golfer, you’ve probably heard of or played the golf course that is in the canyon.

This will be an opportunity for those of you living in Utah County, not to have to make the long drive north to Salt Lake.  For the others, this will be another leisurely run, very similar to the State St. Cruise.  There will be NO FREEWAYS and the surface streets we will use, have stoplights a longer distance apart, except for going through Provo.

It was suggested and we liked it, so the thing that makes this more than just a beautiful drive is that we are also including a SCAVENGER HUNT !!!! This will be done during the drive to Hobble Creek Canyon.

Ritt has put together an awesome addition to the drive. I am so stoked regarding this that I can hardly wait until Sunday. At the driver’s meeting, he will explain the guidelines of the Hunt and hand out paperwork for the Hunt. I’m telling you that this addition to the Run will make this event so much fun that your cheeks will be tired from grinning so much and your stomach will hurt from laughing so much.

State Street Cruise Report

September 9th, 2015 | Posted in Event Reports

Holy Cow!  What a great turn out with such short notice!  As I crested the State St hill to go to the meeting place, I saw that there were at least six cars already lined up and it wasn’t event 10am, yet.  As we got closer to our departure time, KSL news came up and interviewed several of the members and took lots of video of our LBCs.  Unfortunately, the fire by Deer Creek Res. bumped us off the otherwise slow news weekend.

The decorations on the cars and participants were awesome!   We also had at least three members who were cruising with us for the first time.  Sure hope we continue to see you at the drives.  The first time participants were each given a window decal to put on their cars.

Prizes were given for the “Best Bunting” and “Best Vehicle Decoration.”   Everyone seemed to have a great time.  We stayed pretty much together along the full route, and In and Out Burger handled our rowdy union with no problem.

Along State St., our horns were blaring, we were smiling and waving and accepting compliments from every one who saw us: police, a honk from a fire truck, cute girl in a jacked up pickup truck, car salesmen, beggars on the corners, hookers (that’s what I was told) and homeless people.  They all had a moment when their cares of the day were put aside as the BMCU cruised down State St on Labor Day.

There were copious amounts of pictures taken, so please send them over to Drew or post them yourself.  We’d like to see them and show how much fun those unable to attend, missed.

Great show, folks!  You made the Club look as classy as can be.

With the customary forgiveness for miss people and misspelled names, here are the participants who signed in:

David Gonzalez, Gary Meldrum, Larry Farrington, Pat & Donna Rich, Merv Brown & Karen, Grant Bletzacker, Jerry Bletzacker, Kevin & Marie Cowan, Richard Bowen, Nan Hardman, Bruce Oblad & Nan, Taylor Wise, Paul Jaroch, Ron Christensen, Jon & Susan Hermance, Roger & Jill Davis, Kent & Cory Jensen, Denny & Barry Blackett, Drew Frink, Laura & Alison Hermance, Barry Engstrom, Rob & Mary Foye, Rich Weyland, Little Rich & Granddaughter Aimi


The State St Cruise, Labor Day September 7

September 2nd, 2015 | Posted in News

The Cruise will take part this coming Monday, Labor Day, Sept 7th.

Meet at 10am on the East side of the State Capitol. We will depart at approximately 10:30am, heading downhill in a southern direction.

The wide, multi-lane State St has a plethora of historical venues to see, ie the Original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, the cement silo’s of the old Salt Lake City Laundry (is that the correct name?) Piper Down Bar, the Busy Bee restaurant (famous for tasty garlic burgers), the Fashion Place Mall, Hooters, Rio Tinto Stadium (home of Salt Lake Real) South Towne Mall (meeting place for several BMCU events), Scheels, etc.

Our destination is the 12600 South/State St crossroads and the iconic In and Out Burger restaurant. There we will park together for one of our famous, impromptu car shows. Note: in the immediate area of this location, there are a multitude of restaurants with a profusion of varieties of food.

Put American Flags on your cars, wear patriotic clothing, hats, etc. Let’s make this another FUN BMCU cruise!

See you on the east side of the State Capitol at 10am, this coming Monday morning for our STATE ST. CRUISE!!!

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