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Time to Tour to Torrey!

WHO:  Everyone going on the Memorial Day Tour


WHERE:  Torrey, UT (Route map on Google Maps)

WHEN:  Leaving this Saturday, May 27th

WHY:  To enjoy driving our LBCs and fellow members


Meet in the South East corner parking lot of the South Towne Mall, 10600 S State St., in Sandy, at 8:30am for a 9am departure.  We will make a short run on I-15 (sorry) to the US 6, EAST bound exit in Spanish Fork.  Head east to the first stoplight.  Turn left into the Chevron station where we will meet up with those members from the south, around 10am.

From there, we’ll head east on US 6 to the US 89, Thistle junction and head south to Fairview.  In Fairview, there will be a brief stop, drain & gain, at the Chevron as we enter town.   Heading east, up Fairview Canyon, there will be at the top, near the Skyline Dr, to make certain that everyone has made the climb up this beautiful canyon. 

Then 40 miles down Huntington Canyon, right onto UT Hwy 10, to Huntington where we will have our picnic lunch.  Remember to bring what you’d like to eat and drink for this al fresco dining experience.

After lunch, we will continue south on UT 10.  There will be a brief stop at I-70 to gather everyone to make certain that we passUNDER the I-70, and onto UT 72.   Now this is a road worth waiting for; nice and twisty that our vehicle like!    Continuing on, we will come to the Junction with UT Hwy 24 where a left hand turn will take us east into Torrey, about 15 miles down the road.

Here’s to a great, safe and trouble free Tour.

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Great drive to Taggarts

Thank you all for coming to the Saturday Drive. The weather was cool and a little overcast and that made for a very comfortable drive. The scenery was very pretty through the small communities, I like the small twisty roads lined with fence post and green rolling hills why even the dandelion’s put on a show.

A special thanks to Drew for taking the helm and treating us to a view of Croydon. Taggarts took such good care of us as always the food and service was great. It was a very fun day because of all of you, thanks for showing up!

Happy Motoring!
Larry Farrington

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Coalville to Taggarts, May 6

On May 6th were having our Coalville to Taggarts Drive. When I made reservations for our group. The folks at Taggarts requested that we arrive at their restaurant around 11:00 so they can service our group better, hence the early starting time.

We’ll meet at Hogle Zoo at 8:00 am for an 8:30 am sharp departure then proceed up and over Emigration Canyon then turning right on State Road 65, that will get us to the freeway entrance of I-80.

From there we’ll head East on I-80 towards Silver Creek Road for our Drain and Gain, at Bell’s Silver Creek gas station. After a brief stop there we will get on the Freeway Entrance for Hyw 40 going South until we get to exit 4.

Having exited 4 we’ll turn Left onto State Road 248 driving East until we reach the first intersection then turning left to get us onto Browns Canyon Road. Proceeding up and over towards Peoa, then turning left onto Hyw 32. From there we’ll follow 32 through Rockport, Warship, Hoytsville Rd., Coalville, Echo Dam Rd.

Then slipping under the Freeway pass to connect with Echo Road then turning left to put us through Henefer where we’ll connect with I-84 from there we follow I-84 to the Taggarts exit. 

Hope you all for this drive, for questions you can call me at 801.487.6005 or
email me at

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Antelope Island, soaking up the sun (and a few bugs)

Here’s a BIG thanks to all the members who came out on a beautiful Saturday to enjoy the Antelope Island Run and get lei-ed. The sign-in book shows that there were at least 33 VEHICLES and 51 PEOPLE who went on Island time!

An extra thanks to Paul, Larry, Mary & Rob and Ritt for helping make this one of the best Antelope Island Runs, EVER!

For those that missed out on this awesome drive, the BMCU has another sweet cruise coming up on May 6th, the Coalville/Taggart’s run.

Thanks to all who made the Antelope Island Run “miles with smiles.”

Aloha & mahalo!

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No Fairview run, now heading to Antelope Island instead on April 22

We have a change in our schedule. THE FAIRVIEW/HELPER RUN WILL NOT BE HELD ON APRIL 22.

The weather over the Skyline Pass has been determined to not be LBC friendly, at this time.

Instead, we will be substituting a run to Antelope Island on that date, 22 April. We have not been to the Island for a couple of years, so this will be a good time to make the run.

The SL and points South meeting place is now Warm Springs Park parking Lot on 300 West and approximately 800 North in Salt Lake City, behind a large brick building.   This used to be the Children’s Museum.

Gather, on April 22, at the Warm Springs Park lot at 9:30am for a 10:00am departure for Antelope Island.  We will take 100% surface streets with speeds not exceeding 55 mph and most in the 35-45 mph range.   This is a great drive if you, like me, are a fan of lower speeds and closer to home events.

Northerners, meet at the lot just west of Burger King in Layton (2010 N Main)  This is in the Northwest corner of the Antelope, Main St intersection.  We will all meet there at approximately 11am.   From there it is a quick jaunt to Antelope Island.   Remember, Antelope Island is a Utah State park and there is an admission fee; $10/car or $5/car for seniors.    

Bring your lunch for our picnic at the Garr Ranch.  There are no concessions at the ranch, so bring what you’d like to drink, also.

The views of the Wasatch Front are spectacular from Antelope Island.  Be sure to bring your camera for pictures of the bison that are often close to or on the road!